Step One

Becoming a wholesale customer with Artifact allows Licensed Cultivators to purchase an unlimited number of clones without paying additional state and county taxes. It's another way we help to ensure our local farmers have accessibility to affordable, genetically certified, lab-tested clone stock.

What You Need to Become a Wholesale Customer:


Step Two

Our nursery strains fluctuate due to production and demand. We are in the process of building a brand new nursery space to accommodate growing demand. Please consider that while we may not have the exact quantity of the strain you'd like, we can probably supplement your order with another strain. 

Contact us by calling our retail store: (707) 984-8482 with a general idea of:

  1. What strain or variety of strains you're looking for
  2. How many of each variety you'd like
  3.  By what date you would like to have them

Or email us at Artifactnursery@gmail.com with the same information. Please include wholesale in the subject line. We will get back to you right away with what we're able to provide based on your criteria.

We will also send you our Wholesale Intake Form. This is where you'll need all the information from Step One. It's a small amount of paperwork (one sheet,) but we'd like you to include pictures of your cultivation license and sellers permit when you return the Wholesale Intake Form back to us. 

Clones generally take two weeks to root, so we are always in transition. We also have clones in larger sizes, (e.g. one gallon pots, etc.) We can start reserving plants for you once you are established as a wholesale customer. That entails having the information from the Wholesale Intake Form verified (usually a 24 hour process.) 


Step Three

Delivery: We are happy to deliver your clones to you. The delivery fee is $1.50 per mile from start to finish. We include 30 minutes free for unloading. After 30 minutes, the unloading fee becomes $22 an hour. This is just to mitigate the rare chance that we show up for a delivery and no one is there to receive it. To date, we have not yet had a wholesale delivery take longer than 30 minutes to unload. 

Payment for deliveries is COD.

Please let us know if we need a four wheel drive vehicle to make it to your property.

Call or email us if you have any questions about any of the information on this page. We are here to help!